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So I had a little bit of art talent a long looong looooong time ago, when I look back it makes me sad I feel like a part of me has died away. I can't draw anymore, I'm not good at art the last class I took I barely passed with a B total. I guess I just wasn't good enough for that teacher. I don't completely understand art concepts if I can even remember any as my memory is absolutely terrible. So well I created this account in the hopes that it would motivate me to pick up the pencils, brushes, and paint once again and get back up on this horse that I've taken a head-first dive off of. I haven't drawn by hand in years anything that I'm passionate about but I hope to just have time to practice again in the months to come & get better. I don't intend to become an expert at it, criticize anyone elses work, or become a professional artist. I just want that expressive part of myself back that was so easy to tap into when I was 8 or 9 years old. I want that little artistic girl to finally come back home where she belongs.
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